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Heidi BUN - RAI        Duang-Jan  Cham- poo

Heidi is 50 years  old


             wight: 1 ton


              Rescued from logging company


              Arrived at sanctuary  September 2017


*You can recognize Heidi because her face is very skinny and she is a bit smaller than the rest of the elephants. She also does not have any hairs on her tail.

Bun Lai


              52 years old


              1.2 ton


              Rescued from riding camp


              Arrived at sanctuary October 2016


              *You can recognize Bun Lai because she has only a couple of hairs on her tail.


Duang-Jan (Moonshine)

30 years old

Rescued from riding camp

Arrived at sanctuary October 2016

*You can recognize Duang Chan because she is a different breed than the rest of the elephants. She is Sri Lankan, so her face and her body are rounder and her legs are shorter.



Champu (means pink color or Rose Apple)


              28 years old


              1.2 ton


              Mother of Set Thi


              Rescued from circus with Set Thi


              Arrived at Sanctuary October 2017


*You can recognize her because her face is more pink than the others and her eyes are very bright.




Sethi (Balthasar)


Set Thi (means Rich man)

              2 years old        

              500 kg

              Rescued from circus with Champu

              Arrived at Sanctuary October 2017

              *You can recognize him because he is our baby!!!



Species- We only have Asian elephants here at Mae Rim Elephant Sanctuary

• African elephants:
   o Big Ears
   o Long tusks
   o Larger bodies
   o Brown skin
   o Single dome head
   o Nails: 4 in front, 3 in the back

• Asia/Indian:
   o Smaller ears
   o Small bodies
   o Smaller tusks (very small on females)
   o Darker (grey/black) skin
   o Double dome head
   o Nails: 5 in front, 4 in the back.

• African elephants are the biggest land mammal in the world.
   • Pregnant for 22 months
   • Newborn babies weigh 120 kilos.
   • Elephants live between 60 and 70 years old. Oldest recorded elephant: 86 years old.
   • The biggest elephant is from Angola. It weighs 10,000 kilos and is 2.96 meters tall.
   • If elephants have food and water, they can happily live together. Conflict arises in periods of scarcity.
   • Elephants can run up to 40 Km/h but cannot trot slowly.
   • Females run faster than males.
   • They can’t jump.
   • They keep themselves clean by hitting their bodies with grass.
   • Sleep 3-4 hours(between 11PM and 3AM)
   • Asian Elephants sleep lying down, just like humans. If they sleep during the day, they might be sick.
   • African Elephants sleep standing up. If they lie down, they might be sick or hurt.
Food and Drink
   • Fully-grown Elephants eat 250 kilos per day.
   • Eat for 16 hours per day
   • Digest only 40% of food
   • Elephants drink 227 liters (60 gallons) per day.
   • They only drink clean water.
   • They stow food in their cheeks and eat it while they walk.
Elephant Poop
   • Important for Mahout! They follow the poo to find elephants in the jungle.
   • They know if the Elephant is sick by always checking their poo.
   • 28 teeth including tusks.
   • At age 2, the teeth fall out for the first time.
   • They regrow 6 times: at the age of 2, 6, 14, 28, 40 and 60.
   • Elephants over age 60 can’t use their teeth- special food is prepared for them.
   • When they are young, they have lots of hair. As they age, the hair falls out, except on their head and tail.
   • Their skin is 3 cm thick, but they can still feel mosquitoes.
   • They don’t sweat. They cover themselves in sand and mulch to cool their bodies down and avoid getting sunburnt.